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MC2 is more than hiring a motion control rig. You will be hiring an operator with over 30 years experience who enjoys and understands all aspects of motion control. Whether it's pop promo's, viral, corporate or commercial, your shoot will get attention to detail, flexibility and total commitment that only an owner operator based company can deliver.

Based within four fully equipped stages at Malcolm Ryan studios, the motion control will be ready to go at call time - no shoot time will be lost or budget wasted unloading, assembling and de-rigging.

The rig is equipped as standard to accept all HD cameras.
  • 30 years experience - Whether it's phone, meeting or shoot.

  • Owner operator - Consistent maintenance and pre shoot setup for maximum reliability.

  • No Delivery costs - Based within four clean, well equipped stages at Malcolm Ryan Studios.

  • No setup time - Equipment will be set and ready to go in the stage of your choice