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Cyclops is the most sophisticated motion control system in the world. Its design allows for a large operational envelope while maintaining maximum rigidity and speed. The Cyclops is controlled by Mark Roberts Flair software which enables camera moves to be built very easily, but also has the power and flexibility of more complex functions such as 3D import/export, move scaling, mimic and camera speed ramping. A selection of model movers including rotate, linear and 3 axis gimbal are also available to supplement the main camera axis. The tilt, pan and roll slimline camera head can be configured for any camera using the multi mount camera shoe.
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The Cyclops is mounted on 40' of precision rail which is equipped with a hydraulic lifting system, this allows the complete rig and rail to be moved anywhere within any of the four stages at Malcolm Ryan Studios. The rig can also be used without it's rail making it very compact and suitable for packshots and room sets. The rig without rail still maintains full 3 axis movement and maximum height of almost 18 feet.